Back in the saddle

So I started this group several months ago, way back in the heat of Summer on July 9th 2014. I went to another group called Snowdonia Dragons but once a week was simply not enough for me and I wanted to game more. After being on hiatus for the last few months whilst my family gathered its self after some testing times. I am returned.

Tonight hopefully marked what will be a more consistent attendance and riding on the back of that feeling I’m trying to record some of the sessions to give a flavour of how the evenings pan out.

Tonight we had 6 members turn up, being a fledgling group this is constituted as a full house. Though the bar wasn’t busy I seemed to get stuck for a short period and after drinks had been unpacked, a little bit of trading took place where I snagged Splendour for £10 and some catching up occurred we looked towards the first play of the evening. Lee, Mark and I were geared up for a round of Seasons before Lou swayed us, quite easily, with a game called Colt Express that would take us all.

IMG-20150422-WA0004This is a simple, but strategic filler game that is based around planning ahead with a deck of moves that everyone else also has whilst trying to predict what your fellow players will do as you dash around a physical 3D train trying to steal loot and avoid the marshal protecting the treasure.

As one of the movements was moving from the roof to the carriage of the train and some of the males played female characters, there were lots of sniggering about going down. This game lends it’s self to quick fun with a lot of interaction and even with all the planning in the worked can be scuppered by just one other player’s card there is enough strategy here to make it something I would defiantly want to get back IMG-20150422-WA0000to.

Mark surprised me in one of the closing moves when I thought he was going to move a marshal to send me onto the roof, leaving me missing what might have been one more search for loot and potentially the game. As it stands Mark was the victor and I came second.

All chance if you ask me.

20150422_203052Then we split into two groups of three, with Lou, Dafydd and Jeremy playing splendour whilst Mark, Lee and I dived into Seasons20150422_203712.

This is something we’ve been playing a lot of online and are really enjoying getting deeper into it as a group; it’s turning into a favourite of ours that it’s hard not to default to every time we get together.

Mark played a20150422_210538 strong early game by summoning the familiars that drain your energies when you move, breath, fart or just pass through a Season. In his confidence, there was lots of advice on how Lee and I needed to be doing summoning, dice choices and game play. However, we furrowed down the individual path, steered away from the lesser-played co-operative element of the game and spent our time building our energies and then crystals.

After a couple of Otus the Oracle’s there were a lot of cards laid out on the table and as we’d gone for a draft of 12 2015-04-23 11.33.39cards in the prelude we each had 4 cards per season, which meant we had to get our summoning gauge up and could only really gather another 3 more cards to play before we hit our limit.

As we played, Lou, Jeremy and Dafydd finished Splendour and moved onto play a fantastic deck builder called Paperback by Tim flowers. I have no idea who won in the end.

Back to our game of Seasons and when it came to the final tally it was Lee who bounced ahead with an amazing 152 in prestige point leaving me second and Mark about 10 behind. As all of our games appear to be at the moment, this too was a close call.

20150422_221332 As the evening drew on and people wandered home Lee, Mark and I decided to crack out a game of Doomtown.

I stumbled through this game and though I’ve been heavily invested in all buying all of the expansions and cards that are available I still haven’t had time to study them. My men were wiped out on the third day and the fight was between Lee and Mark.20150422_221314 Luckily I was able to play a few deeds and this boosted up my control. I finally got my poker head on near the end of the game as I had a powerful stud I could play and also pay the upkeep of, but I was banking on the fact the two other players would wipe themselves out.

Mark’s knowledge of the game shone through as he played and mean and proficient hand.  He stacked up hex on spell, on combo, on gadget and was able to move faster across the town square, freely taking control of my dudes with his puppet master. A lot was going off in Mark’s hand as The Brute kept jumping in front of the bullets then returning from the dead with spells.

However, though I was pretty much decimated for early on, after the final shootout at the end of the game all of Marks men with influence were wiped out and Lee only had one that wasn’t zero so he could only control of my Pharmacy.
The sun came down and with very little expertise and a fair few deeds I won the game with my and became the controller of Gomorra.

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